Saturday, August 9, 2008

Saturday Stuff: A little of this, and some of that too

Some people take their dogs for a walk. Me? I take my camera for walks. Last evening it wanted to go out to the fairy garden just before sundown:

This fairy sits on the left side of the garden entrance & plays a beautiful song whenever the breeze blows through her chimes.

This one sits on the right side. All of my fairies (I've lost count how many I have) need a freshening up with new paint, so that will be a fall/winter project when they come inside at the end of summer.

I really should have planted the moring glories sooner, and run the string sooner. I'm hoping they'll cover the entrance before they quit growing for the season.

Highbush cranberry bush. We have 2 of them, one on either side of the western side of the garden. The birds absolutely love them. (You can see one of them just behind the bench in the photo above this one).

Now, while I was strolling around the yard enjoying a gorgeous summer evening, Kevin and Rachel were in town, helping to man the church booth at a downtown sidewalk sale. For some reason no one will ever be able to explain, Rachel came home with Kip Dynamite. I laughed as soon as I saw him, but when I found out he SPEAKS, I laughed even more. If you've never seen Napoleon Dynomite, this probably wont be the least bit funny for you. If you have, then you'll enjoy this... just don't be jealous:

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