Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Missions at Home

Three years ago, Hurricane Katrina hit LA in a way that brutally devastated lives, homes, churches, businesses and families. I didn't personally know anyone there, except Eddie and his church family. When we heard the news and heard just how bad it was, our hearts sunk, tears flowed, and the diligent praying began. It was one of those times that you truly feel so helpless that you live so far away and and cannot be hands-on, when you're needed. My crazy cajun brothuh Eddie, his beautiful family and his church family is to this very day, one of the top entries in my personal prayer journal. While it may have been three years ago that the Lord spun the winds through LA, the rebuilding continues to this day, and the lives that were changed will never, ever be the same.

Eddie shared this link with me last night. It's a slide show he put together of the interior rebuilding going on there, and you need to watch it. You may need to cry as well, as you view these pictures and see the loss, and see the renewed hope as well.

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