Thursday, July 3, 2008

Then and Now... and so it goes

The other day, I received an interesting piece of postal mail. It was addressed to Darla (Not My Maiden Name)/Rolfe, with my address. I can only assume the reason it ever made it to my rural route mailbox, is because at least part of the name was correct. I have no idea who Darla is, however. No doubt, she has no idea who I am either. Or maybe, she has mail addressed to me!? It's hard to say. In any event, the piece of mail was an invitation to my 25th highschool reunion to be held this coming August.

I wont be able to go (it's 2500 miles away, that's a long walk), but I was curious so I went to and looked up my graduating class. I did attend the 10 year reunion, since I lived right there in town. It was fun seeing some of the girls I was friends with in school that I'd lost touch with. It was also fun seeing the men who were "pretty boys" in highschool who were now going bald (against their will). There was justice there, somehow. I'd forgotten that I registered at classmates, so I went ahead and updated my profile. After goofing around there for a bit I decided to scroll through the members of the class of 83, and that was kind of strange. Here are some things I observed while strolling down the virtual halls of highschool:

• In all the pictures available, the women who were girls when I saw them last, are just gorgeous. I don't know who said "aging well is the best revenge" but aging well is definitely a blessing.

• The one boy I had a pathetic crush on from the 5th grade all the way through highschool (Okay fine, I still had a crush on him 2 years later when I saw him at the grocery store) has changed so much I wouldn't recognize him if I ran into him now. Most of his hair is gone, and what's left is sporting a lot of gray. His glasses are gone as well, and he just turned into someone else. He was posing for a picture with his wife, who is clearly a world class supermodel!

• Time not only flies when you're having fun, it flies when you're changing diapers, mopping floors, attending school functions, and raising a family in general. One of the ladies posted a picture of herself and her son, and the caption was something along the lines of "where does the time go?" I think there might be some under the middle couch cushion along with those missing hotwheels, legos, a barbie head and a scrunchie. (What, you don't keep yours there too?)
then and now

• For as much as some people change, for others, time has just stopped. In two pictures of two different people, I couldn't believe my eyes. They look exactly like they did in highschool! How weird is that? (I have my own "now" and "then" pictures posted, and I don't see much of a difference in myself either, aside from the fact that I had a great tan in the older one, and that I apparently no longer smile). I'm pretty sure I had a lot more energy back then, however.

I know that some people loathe their highschool reunions, while others look forward to theirs. Some folks never stay in touch with anyone from highschool, and others are still best friends 50 years later. I did stay in touch with one close friend until just a few years ago that I'd known since I was 12, but as life is prone to do, hers got busy and so did mine and family came first.

If I lived in my hometown, I'd probably go to my 25th reunion. I think it would be fun for one day, to travel back in time like that. Even if I wouldn't know who some of those people were, except for name tags.

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