Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Tears of Joy

mommy's baby at 14 months oldSee this angelic looking little girl? Well, she messaged me the other night with an urgent "mom, get off the phone I have to talk to you!" What's a mother's first thought when her daughter says that? Doom, despair, bad news, etc. Sure enough I expected horrible news, so I told her papa would get off the other computer right away so she could call. Immediately the phone rang, and it was her. She said "mom, guess what?" I braced myself for whatever it was she was about to say, and replied "what's going on?" She answered back (and if a person could ever speak in all caps, she did):


I screamed, she screamed, it was a beautiful thing. Now here's the story as she told it to me:

Caryn and EricThey grabbed some dinner and went to the park. With her being completely clueless that THIS was the day, they just both ate their dinner and cleaned up. When she asked if he was ready to go, he said no, that they needed to talk. Then, he got down on one knee... and she screamed. :-) (She's very good at screaming, I've taught her well). When he finally got the words out, she screamed again. He asked if that was a yes (good boy, he's already learning to ASK!), she assured him indeed it was a yes, and then he presented her with his grandmother's ring. AWWWWWWWW!

I know there were more details than that (and maybe they'll BOTH be along shortly to fill in the rest) but as she was telling me I was also telling papa and the kids, who were also screaming (well, not Kevin, he only screams if a bug gets on him, but that's another blog post entirely). So, between all the screaming, what I know for certain is, we're gaining a son in law in about 14 months. We all really like Eric, and I'm happy to welcome him to our crazy, huge family. Oh, here's what else I know:

Two people who are clearly TOO small to get married!The wedding will be a very celtic affair, and her dress is insanely gorgeous. I don't know if it's against tradition to show it off so I wont post a pic unless she says I can. It will be a fall wedding (hopefully coinciding with the peak fall color change and a brilliant fall day) and the wedding colors (groomsmen & bridal party) will also be an autumn theme. Oh... and she's getting married, barefoot. She's such a hippie! She is her mother's daughter. :-)

If I think about it too much, I'm going to cry. Like I told her this morning, she's too little to get married, and so is he (I sent them both to their rooms, but I'm not sure if they went or not). Of course she's 25, but in this mommy's eyes, she's still my fluffy pink little girl. Okay, now I'm going to cry, so I'll end this here.

A great big happy sappy crybaby congratulations to Caryn and Eric, the couple who are too little to get married, but are doing it anyway.

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