Saturday, July 19, 2008

Saturday Stuff

A few things in mind, none really worth their own post so this is a mish-mashy sorta deal today.


Did you ever seen the movie The Jerk with Steve Martin? If you did, you might remember the scene where he was working at the gas station and the new phone books arrived. He was so excited because he had his very first listed phone number! He quickly scanned the book to find his name and just beamed like crazy to see his name in print. What a doofus Navin was.

Something like that happened to me yesterday when I walked out to get the mail. I had a homeschooling magazine in the mailbox and realized that it was one that I was asked to submit an article for, for their "Mom Zone" column. I'd actually forgotten all about it until yesterday. I bring it back to the house and toss it on the table with all the other mail and go back later to flip through it and wow, there was my article in the very center of the magazine, with a big ole picture of the kids. I confess, I felt a little like Navin in The Jerk. I suppose regular subscribers to this magazine saw it weeks ago, since it's the May issue and there's a little sticker on the front that says 'replacement copy'. I do not have the most reliable mailman in the world. In any case, it was an honor to be asked to send in the piece, and I hope it serves as an encouragement to other HS moms who read it. I just hope no one starts shooting at me like they did Navin. That would be very bad.


DocDoc... aka DrOakley, James, James White or Dr. James White (frankly I think he's been cloned and half of those people are the DNA offshoots of the real Doc). Not only is he gracious enough to allow me to exercise my artistic liberty with great gear to help financially support his ministry, but he is nice enough (he's not supposed to know I told anyone this, he's a Calvinist fer cryin' out loud, he can't possibly be NICE!) to link to it, AND to link to the shops I do for other folks (Mylo & Chris!) too, to give them a bit of exposure as well. Plus, he looks pretty sharp in that Apologist in the Hood, hoody. (No, that is not photoshopped, in case you were wondering).


And that's just my good side. It's almost predictable how, if I post something like this about the kind of person I dearly long to be, that the Lord will see fit to try me and show me JUST how far short I really fall. Almost constantly for the last few days I've been on edge and quite prepared to fire off a snippy, sassy comment. I've said some things to kids and friends that I shouldn't have said the way I said them, but certainly didn't mean to say in a mean or unkind way. I've been quite proficient for years, in the fine art of sticking my foot in my mouth (I'm glad I moisturize), and the last few days have reminded me just how good at it I really am. Write this one off as a GACK-O-RAMA episode, and a measure of just how far I need to grow. It's very far, that much is certain.


The weekly newsletter for the store is now online (or in your email box if you're one of my wow-562-wow subscribers!) but I'd like to draw your attention to one very new, and very cool thing in it, for those that neither get it via email or have seen it yet on the store site:

InfiniStitchInfiniStitch™ Embroidery is a patent pending process that allows for infinite thread colors and increased image resolution over traditional embroidery. InfiniStitch™ Embroidered products accurately reproduce photographs, gradients, and highly detailed images. As in traditional embroidery dyed thread is used to create a long lasting and permanent InfiniStitch™ Embroidered product.

I've added a limited number of new products in this category, which you can browse below. Be sure to also check out the new InfiniStitch Embroidery products in TeamApologian's brand new AOMIN.ORG section!

Denim Shirts - Mens Polo - Womens Polo - Mens Performance Jacket - Womens Performance Jacket - Military Cap - Stonewashed Cap

I'm undecided on how much work to really put into these new products, until I know if folks like them. It's a bit more complicate to create these designs than my usual work, so I don't want to invest time in it, if it's not something folks like! I do really love the womens performance jacket though, and the stonewashed caps.

Great Christian t-shirts and gift ideas for the whole family