Thursday, July 17, 2008

God's Amazing Creatures

Yesterday morning while I was sitting here doing my morning thing, I heard the familiar "chit-chit-chit" sound out the side window. I turned to look and sure enough, both the male and the female hummingbirds were there, and she was giving him 'what-fer'. She tends to do that quite a bit. So I grabbed my camera and stood right at the window waiting for them to stop their fussing at each other so I could get a pic. Here's what I got:

click for the original, full size

Then last night, my mom sent me a link (click here) to a page that photo documents 3 weeks of two BABY hummers, from egg to flight. It's very cool, and if you've ever wondered how tiny the eggs and the babies are, you'll find this page very educational. (Click next page at the bottom of each page to see the succession of photos).

Enjoy! :-)

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