Thursday, June 5, 2008

Wake Up Call

This world that we live in stinks, and we all know it. Sure there are slices of pure joy that filter through the stench, and of course there are times of great happiness in our personal relationships and families. Overall however, the outlook for 'this world' is rather grim, and it's just going to get worse. I know a lot of people don't believe that, but a lot of people don't believe the Bible either. If you do believe the Bible however, you will agree that this world is worse, is getting worse, and will get worse with each passing generation - until Christ returns.

I'm a fairly black & white kind of person, and the way I see it Christians have two options.

a.) keep your heads in the sand and ignore what's happening around you because you don't believe it affects YOU personally
b.) pay attention, stay alert, stay informed so that when the ugliness of this world DOES come to roost in your home, you'll not be blindsided by it - but prepared for it

The obvious solution seems rather, well... obvious, doesn't it? It's not all that obvious though, because there are A LOT of Christians that are (as kindly as I can say it) walking through life with their heads in the sand. They truly do not believe that what 'goes on in the world' has any bearing on their Christian life in their Christian home with their Christian family. Sadly, they ignorantly believe in some ways like reckless teenagers do, and have that "that's not going to happen to ME" attitude about the monumentally painful and difficult trials in life, as well as the rapidly shifting anti-God, anti-Christian atmosphere in North American culture.

If you live in a North American society, work in one, raise your family in one, evangelize in one and/or go to church in one, then it is virtually impossible for your life to remain untouched by the wickedness OF society at large. If it doesn't touch you directly (and that's virtually unheard of), you'd better believe it's going to touch your spouse, your siblings, your parents, YOUR KIDS (kids are especially targetted), your co-workers and your co-congregants at church.

Society has changed in awful ways, and the increasing hatred for God and the things of God, is on the rise. Staying alert, staying in prayer, staying informed, is the reasonable attitude any Christian should take in this situation. Do yourself a favor and listen to the first 30 minutes (or the whole show, for that matter) of today's Dividing Line, to get a real good idea of what's going on in the society around you. You might be surprised.

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