Tuesday, June 3, 2008

SuperModel Mom

Jelly Bean MOM!

My sister sent this to me a few days ago. This is my Mommy! How fun is that?? :-)

She's modelling the Bean Squad t-shirt I sent her for Mother's Day. Hers is customized with a purple Bean (with attitude) that says "I march to the beat of a different drummer".

If you have a Reflections product you'd love to show off, please do send the pics my way! I'd be glad to put them up at our customer comments/picture page.

Thanks Mom :-) (And thanks Lora for sending it along!)

Oh... and by the way, regarding the "Canadian hostage" comment here, where the store is mentioned? It's nothing really, I was just taken hostage by a hockey-watchin', butter-tart eatin', laid-back, goofy, Calvinistic Canadian some 10 years ago, and he's not made his list of demands yet to my AMERICAN family, that lives in the STATES, where I am FROM. Because, that's where Americans are from. America. See?

Glad to clear all that up for you. :-)

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