Saturday, June 28, 2008

Summer Critters & Various Weekend Ramblers

I have a new best friend.

My buddy the Deck Toad

Now just how cool is he? (Click on him to see full size, you know you want to!) He was hanging out on my deck night before last, and was gracious enough to let me photograph him. I asked and he said "groooat". I took that as a yes.

After my computer troubles last week, I'm still installing, downloading, upgrading and organizing things. To say it's a big, fat pain in the neck is an understatement. Since the tech support guy at Dell ASSURED me it was the hard drive, I cranked it up in safe mode and dropped all my must have files onto my flash drive. Before that though, the dumb computer was telling me I needed to reinstall windows (pffft!) so the old version was wiped out and the new version attempted to install but couldn't finish due to the REAL problem, which turned out to be a fried graphics card. (black screen with double rows of vertical dollar signs, anyone?) By the time I got the tower back it had a clean copy of windows (along with a shiney new graphics card, of course) but nuttin' else. All my programs, all my bells & whistles were sitting here on cd (or waiting for me to download them from the web) and I'm only partially there. For a busy mom, it takes a while to get things back in order. Home & family come first and they take WAY more of my time than pc stuff, so it'll be a while before it's back to where it once was.

However, with all that said, I'm sure thankful for some things. For one, I'm thankful that my family understands. When I'm busy trying to get this all back together, they respect that and don't harass me. I very much appreciate that.

I'm also thankful that I have this little flash drive. The first time I ever saw one was on an episode of 24 when Jack Bauer was fiddlin' with some bad guy's computer and retrieving evidence to take him down. It was cool, and it instantly became known in our house as the Bauer Drive. :-) The great thing about it is that it holds a TON of stuff that I don't have to store on my hard drive, but can always very easily retrieve. I love my Bauer drive.

I'm also, believe it or not, very thankful for the 'down time' I had for the week. It gave me the motivation to finally redo my entire workspace in the game room. The northeast corner of the room is mine, and since we moved here 6 years ago it's just been collecting more and more stuff. I'm not exactly sure where this stuff comes from, but I think it reproduces on it's own when no one's looking. In any case, it's been a long overdue project and I made a huge dent in it. I still have a few areas to work on but I got the big stuff done, and that not only felt real good, but it's cleaner, and more enjoyable to sit here in my space and do what I do.

So, while it's been a week of inconvenience, it's also been a week of finding the silver lining the cloud. I like it when that happens.

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