Thursday, June 12, 2008

Pretty Bird!

I told the story of how I got involved in birdwatching, in this post here. As the result of a pteradactyl attack, I fell in love with the adventure of birdwatching. Now I know that a lot of people think such a pasttime is for middle aged folks or old folks, and I used to think the same thing. I don't really know why people think that, unless it's because they assume it's a quiet, boring hobby and that older folks need quiet and boring because they can't do loud & active anymore. Part of birdwatching is being quiet (I prefer to call it 'stealth mode', especially if I've got my camera and I want a great shot), but you can also very easily combine it with very rigorous day hiking trips as well. Those are really a lot of fun, and we don't take them as often as I'd like.

Learning about all the different kinds of birds there are, has been a lot of fun too. There are still (once in a while) birds that come into the yard that baffle me, and make me go looking for the field guide to identify them. I enjoy that, and I also enjoy that most of our kids can also identify most of the songbirds they see. The songs they sing, the colors they all come in, made me think one day that they're like melodic flying rainbows. How cool is that, that God created so many of them in all those colors, and singing pretty songs?

Well, I think it's exceptionally wonderful, and toward that end I have spent some time this week completely redoing ALL the graphics in the Bird Lovers section of my store. Most of them originally started with a photograph (mostly mine) and were then recreated in a style that closely resembles a watercolor painting with a soft glow. I was quite pleased with the way they turned out, but of course I had to run them through the quality control panel of experts (Kev and the kids). It was unanimous, they all really liked them as much as I did. I'm not done adding designs yet, but here is what I have completed so far:

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