Thursday, June 12, 2008

Mailbox Walk

I'm not exactly sure when it hit me, but sometime over the past year it occured to me that I'm not getting any younger, my youngest 4 kids are at the most active time in their life, and I'm not keeping up. This is not a good thing. So, I've been a bit more determined to keep up, and toward that end I have very much been looking forward to spring/summer and getting outside and being more active. These way-too-long-Canadian winters don't do a thing for me as far as being active goes, and shivering under a blanket for 6 months out of the year doesn't count as "active".

Last night after dinner I took my camera (yes, it has to come too!) and went for a short walk down to the mailbox. I love these walks and I try to take them all summer long, weather permitting.

Here's a pictorial of my walk last night:


I heard a bit of huffing and puffing, turned around to see poor old Dougal trudging along the laneway behind me. She doesn't get around as well after being hit by a truck a couple of years ago.

Dougal and her annoying sidekick, Tulip

Of course you can't go for a walk without Tulip, she just wont hear of it. If you're wondering what they were distracted by, it was...


Corn. Yep, that's what they were looking at, until this came down the dirt road

farm fun

I'm not sure what this thing is called, but it's very exciting for dogs, and it's loud. I call it the Monster Truck of farm life.

On the trip back, I spotted a sleepswinger in the yard


You've heard of sleepwalking?

sleepswinger or pouter?

Well, it looked like sleepswinging, but it turned out to be simple pouting. I'm not sure what the issue was, but it takes talent to pout AND swing at the same time.

I love this time of year, and look forward to lots more of these Mailbox Walks. You just never know what adventures await!

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