Monday, June 2, 2008

Four years later...

So then, happy June everyone! June is a great month, and it's the first month (usually) that we'll see a high of 90 in the forecast, as we have in our local forecast for this week. The kids don't know it yet, but Thursday is our last official day of school this year, and that's also the day the forecast is set for 90. I'd guess I better get that pool squared away since that will be where they'll want to be.

June is also my 4 year blogiversary here at Reflections. Seems a little odd that it's been 4 years of carrying on about this, that & the other, but oddly enough I still haven't run out of things to say.

I got to thinking about just how short of time 4 years really is, but just how much can drastically change in such a short time.

Four years ago:

• I didn't have a grand-daughter
• My oldest at home was 18, and my youngest was 1, and there were 5 kids here. (Now, the oldest at home is 10, the youngest almost 5, and just 4 kids still at home)
• I was 20 pounds heavier, easy. (See, blogging is a weight loss aid!)
• I had just learned to sew dresses from a pattern, on my sewing machine. (Still do it, still love it, plan to make a few skirts this week)
• This blog looked A LOT different (courtesy Wayback Machine)
• I didn't have a Beagle, or IBS. (Is there a connection? Curious, no?)
• I had dial up internet access. (Some things never change)
• We were in a different church than the one we're in now. (Love our church, been there 2 years next month!)

I could probably list all kinds of other significant differences in my world by contrasting 2004, to 2008 - some really good, and some really sad. Life has a way of handing you both, and we just sort of roll with the tide.

Technically, it's not my blogiversary until the 25th, when I wrote this:

Just testing the waters
I've started to do this a few times before, but I really like this setup, so maybe I'll actually stick
with it this time? Time will tell, eh? :-)
posted by Carla @ Friday, June 25, 2004

I guess time told, didn't it? :-)

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