Friday, May 2, 2008

One Click To Send a Message?

I have a theory. I could be dead-wrong, or I could be right on. Only your vote will prove it out, one way or the other.

Make Reflections #1!!Here at this blog (and at my store) I have this vote button. You click that and it takes you to a page to vote for my store's Funny T-shirts. The votes are reset at the beginning of every month so that it's more fair to new sites that register there.

My "Just 4 Fun" section at the store gets quite a bit of traffic from that site, so I know people are visiting there.

So here's my theory:

This blog averages 97 site views and 150 page views per day. I know that's not a lot compared to the big, brand name bloggers, but that's what the stats say. If each person who visits (whether site viewer or page viewer) clicks that vote button EACH day that they come to visit, that averages out to 123.5 votes per day.

If that started today, by the end of this month, my store's listing at that site would have 3,705 votes for the month of May. Far and above securing it at the top spot in the directory - and - more votes in one month than I've ever had since I listed the store there last year.

What message would it send, to see a funny t-shirt shop listed as #1 (in a directory were some pretty sleazy shirts are advertised), by a mile, where the t-shirts are all CLEAN, non-offensive, and appropriate for any age group?
What message would it send to other online retailers if this happened not just once, but month after month?
Would it inspire copycats? Probably. (But that's not a bad thing, if it means more clean & funny and less offensive and sleazy).
Would it say "the public likes funny t-shirts, but we like CLEAN, funny t-shirts? I think so.
Would it encourage shoppers to be able to easily find this kind of t-shirt? Yes, definitely.
Would it be a very simple, one-click way for my readers to make a wee bit of a difference? Absolutely.

I'd love to know if this theory could be proven true (obviously I don't want it to be proven wrong, duh!) So here's a thought on what you could do toward that end:

When you click out on my site this month, click out on the vote button, cast your vote then be on your merry way. It only takes a few seconds and then you're done.
If you'd like to pop that vote button on your site/blog too, copy the code below for your visitors.
That's it. I'm going to track direct hits from the voting site to the store, and at the end of the month I'll report back here to let you know how we did on that end, plus the amount of votes we actually had (you can see it yourself at the directory). Frankly, I think it would be a great thing to be proven right about my theory, because it means the public will be encouraged by MORE clean and funny t-shirts. T-shirts may not even be your thing, but they're HUGE, and millions of people shop for them and buy them every day. I know it's a small thing in the grand scheme of things, but it's one small thing you can help me make a difference in.

Okay? Okay, now go vote! :-) (Pretty please)

Vote button code:

Make Reflections #1!!

Please do let me know if you've added the vote button to your site/blog, or if it's already there!