Saturday, May 17, 2008

No biggie

Just a few things...

• The store's weekly newsletter is up, and we've got a few really fun, brand new designs in Just 4 Fun.

T-Shirt has put Reflections Apparel in their Spotlight this week with an interview with me (that was fun) and highlighting the store. That was pretty cool.

• The brakes on our van went out, and so it sits in the driveway until we can figure out what to do. We live in the country, have only 1 vehicle, and Kev is on vacation for 11 days. At least he's not missing work - that would be much worse. Every plan we had for his time off, is out the window. No going to church, no going to the grocery store, no nuttin'.

I am sufficiently bummed out. This too shall pass, I think?

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