Friday, May 30, 2008

Givin' it Away

Hey guess what? We're having another giveaway at Reflections! w00t - free stuff!!

This one is a little different from the last few, but before we get to the details on how to win, let's talk about the prize:

ANYTHING you want! That's right, any t-shirt (mens, womens or kids, even a dog tee if that's what you're looking for), any sweatshirt, any hoodie. You pick the style, design, size, and we'll get it off to you.

Okay, now to the details on how to win it! It's pretty simple really, just be our 40,000th visitor, and the free T-shirt is yours! How much easier could that be? :-)

Reflections Summer GiveawayRight now the visitor number to the store is well under 35,000, so we're looking to see 5k hits as fast as possible, so we can give away a cool T! Now, that's not really all that difficult, since there are plenty of sites out there that get that in just a days time. Normally our little ole store doesn't get that many visitors in a month, so how fast you win depends on how many folks you tell, and how often you all visit! The more you tell, the higher the counter goes, and you're on your way to free, cool stuff. (You can even grab this little graphic for your site or blog to let your readers know about the giveaway - just make sure you point them back to this page!)

You can even track the visitor counter yourself, by following a few easy steps. From the store's front page, scroll to the bottom of the page:

click here first

In the left menu bar:

find your location

Once you've done that, scroll down to see where we're at:

are we there yet???

If you're visitor #40,000, just send me a screen shot of the page, and we'll get you fixed up with a shiney new, very cool t-shirt of your choice! That's it.

Now, let the clicking begin!

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