Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Stopping and Thinking Biblically

I honestly had no idea that this would come up again, but it has, both online and offline. What I refer to is the "Just Stop and Think" video by Francis Chan.

This might seem like ancient history's news in blog-time, but there are folks out there that are just now hearing about it, and asking questions, and/or promoting it. For that reason, I'm going to offer some resources from folks that did not and do not promote it, and give solid, Biblical reasons why. We as Christians have to be a lot more discerning and a lot more accurate when it comes to the gospel message. It's a message that matters, and the way it's presented matters a great deal.

Here are some thoughts, from myself and two others that show why there are serious doctrinal problems with this production:

My own post, from January 2007
• James White: part one, part two, and his webcast (this is addressed in the second half of the hour).
• Steve Camp: part one, and part two

I'm well aware that there are a lot of folks out there that really liked this video and thought it was a good production. All I can say to that, is that I respectfully but quite strongly disagree. I know there were many others (at the time) that also came out against this video for the exact same reasons I mention in my own post, James writes and addresses in his posts & webcast, and Steve wrote about in his posts.

I do want to make it clear that by posting this I'm not attempting to re-ignite any fires, or focus on the disagreements - but to focus on the why, of the disagreements. As I said, I believe the way the gospel message itself is presented matters a great deal. By that message you'll either come to a right and Biblical understanding of your own sin nature and the character of God, or you'll be misinformed and mislead on one or both counts. Charles Spurgeon once said

"It is a great thing to begin the Christian life by believing good solid doctrine. Some people have received twenty different "gospels" in as many years; how many more they will accept before they get to their journey's end, it would be difficult to predict. I thank God that He early taught me the gospel, and I have been so perfectly satisfied with it, that I do not want to know any other. Constant change of creed is sure loss." (source)

I couldn't agree more with that statement, and it's for that cause I post these resources today.

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