Friday, April 11, 2008


Many years ago, there was a television program on called The Hudson Brothers Show. Some of you may remember it. Well, our family watched it, and loved it. There was a line from one of the segments they had on that show that became a common saying in our house: "Ho hum, another BORING day on the island of Pigi Pigi".

The whole premise was that it was the world's smallest island in the middle of the world's largest ocean. I have no idea why it was funny, but that line became classic in our family. I think it was the way it was said, that made it funny. In any event...

On another segment of the show, the HB taught countless numbers of kids how to create a SockyBoomer Socker Bopper (corrected by my mom, who knows stuff!), for hours of cheap entertainment. It was very simple really, and one of those things that virtually any kid could make from materials on hand. You just go to your sock drawer, and take out the longest sock you own. Then, you take out all the other socks in the drawer and one at a time, you wad them up and stick them down inside the long sock. You keep doing this until the sock is full - but not too full because you want to be able to tie a knot in the end to function as a handle. Once your Socker Bopper is complete, you can then use it to bonk people with. My brother and sister (I think mom made one too, but I can't be sure) and myself all had a Socker Bopper, and if memory serves the only rule was that we couldn't bonk anyone in the face with it. Otherwise, all bets were off. You certainly can't "hit" your brother, but if you have a Socker Bopper, you can bonk him and you're still within house rules. :-)

I know it sounds silly, but the funny thing is that big name toy companies have come out over the years with all kinds of soft, non-injurious weaponry just like this. I recall one year seeing an ad for these toys that looked like oversized baseball bats but made with some kind of soft foam material. The purpose of the toys was exactly the same as the Socker Bopper - you bonk people with them! Nerf (the world's leading brand of soft, for fun weaponry) has a fantastic line of guns now, that shoot (the range & speed is nothing short of incredible, and the sound they make is priceless "thWOck") foam darts with suction cups on them. It's more humiliating than anything else, to be pegged in the forehead with a nerf dart. Everyone needs a nerf gun, and every household should have at least two or more. We're getting Samuel this one for his birthday in September - with an extra supply of ammo (maybe even the glow in the dark darts!) They're just a blast.

You're probably wondering why in the world I took the time to explain all that. Well, for no other reason really, than it was a good old fashioned (read: free) way to have fun as a kid, and bonk those who needed a good bonking. Nerf still believes in bonking, they just offer if from a foam dart perspective. It's also a timeless recipe for homemade fun. I mean, you could stand up right now, walk to your sock drawer and make a Socker Bopper, for free. Why would I do that? you ask? Well, because they're fun and surely there's someone in your house that needs a good bonking. No other reason needed.

(Just to be clear - there is a vulgar, and a non-vulgar definition for bonking. Obviously the way I am using the word is in the non-vulgar way which means: "to hit, strike, collide, etc.: to get bonked on the head; cars bonking into each other." You can figure the vulgar definition on your own. Quite frankly, I didn't know until TODAY [when I looked it up at] that there IS a vulgar definition for this word, and that ticks me off. I refuse to give in and stop using this word in the context I'm using it because it's ALWAYS meant to clobber someone on the noggin, so there. Harumph. What I thought was funny though, is that a synonym for bonk, is sock. Yeah, I'm easily entertained.)