Monday, April 7, 2008

Jellybeans - the happy bean

Mr. Peanut
Once upon a time a young boy sitting at his kitchen table, struggled to complete his English homework. In sheer exasperation, he went to his mother and asked "mom, what is a predicate?" His mother, always eager to broaden her son's mind, told the boy in great detail, what a predicate is.

"Well..." she began, choosing her words carefully to make certain the boy would fully grasp just what a predicate really is, "a predicate is a little blue guy, similar in shape to Mr. Peanut. He stands about 8 inches tall, and he has skinny little black arms and legs, and most of the time they live under the couch in the living room". The boy just looked at her, expressionless. She continued "oh you've probably never seen one, they're fairly shy and they don't come out where there are people around" she explained.

The boy, determined to get another answer to his question replied "okay mom, what is a predicate?" The mother replied "I just told you!"

The above, is an absolutely true story, and the characters in this story are my mom, and my older brother. I'm fairly sure he eventually got another answer to his question, but I liked my mom's first answer so much, I actually looked under the couch to see if I'd find a predicate hiding under there, or at the very least some evidence that there had been one there. My older sister liked the story so much she responded to my brother with a dead-serious look on her face saying "it's true, I've seen them" (this is the same sister who told me once she also saw the tooth fairy, and described her so vividly, I genuinely believed her - until I realized she was describing Tinkerbell!) I think for a split second, he almost believed her. I know I did - but I was about 7 years old, and it was easy to believe such an exciting idea.

I'm pretty sure Mom had no idea that as she said that, that 35+ years later anyone would still remember it. It was just one of the many fun things Mom made up on the spot that got a laugh, and became a legendary story in our family. To this day, when I hear that word, I get a picture in my mind of what "he" looks like. To this day, if someone were to ask my mom what a predicate is, they might hear this very same description. So recently, when the kids all said they wanted jelly bean t-shirts (I'm pretty sure the idea for that came from the discounted Easter jelly beans I bought recently), I thought "I can do that".
Little did I realize, as I began to design the first jelly bean, he'd take on the characteristics of that mythical predicate that allegedly lived under our couch. The more he came together, the more I realized just how much I had really wished this little guy did live under our couch when I was little. Oh the fun a child could have to have this little guy and all his colorful friends to play with!

Well, these little guys don't live under the couch (as far as I know... but I didn't check), but they're in living color (and dancing!) on t-shirts, mugs, buttons and more - so I hope all the jellybean lovers out there enjoy them as much as I enjoyed creating them.

Here's a sneak peek at the great Bean Debut, coming soon to an online t-shirt shop newsletter, near you:



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