Friday, April 18, 2008

Friday BlogFodder: April 18, 2008

It's been a while since I've done a Friday BlogFodder, so I figured it was a good time for that. So here we go...

Eddie in a cool shirt My friend, Pastor Eddie Exposito (who doubles as a male model for Reflections Apparel and Giftware, when he's not ministering the gospel, homeschooling with his dear wife Michelle, and/or eatin' gator stew in the swamp) has a great post this week on how we can effectively use music appreciation as a teaching tool.

You really oughta read this one, I think a lot of us older Christians will be able to identify with Eddie on this.

fortified will 12 essential vitamins and minerals, for a healthy coat Fellow #prosapologian channel rat bluewoad linked me here this week, to this fun geography games site.

Like any responsible net user, I immediately became hooked, registered and have made numerous attempt to beat my best score. For the record, I'm good, but I'm slow - so don't expect to see my name in the high scores any time soon.

Another friend, James posted something that you might actually not want to read, but should anyway. Sometimes it's just so much easier to ignore this wickedness in the world we live in - but ignorance doesn't get you very far. I've also received some email on this one as well - maybe you have too?

jellybean fun You like jellybeans? Me too, and you can see mine at youtube, if you were so inclined.

Really, with a face like that, and those shoes... what's NOT to love??

If you haven't downloaded them and begun listening yet, you should. I'm referring to the audio files from the Together for the Gospel conference.

You will be blessed as you listen to these brothers minister the word. Steve has a good post on this, complete with brief intros on each session. You can go there and grab them all.

Pulpit Magazine has some really good posts for parents this week that you just don't want to miss. Ways Parents Provoke, Proverbs and Parenting, Evangelizing Your Children (Part 1), Evangelizing Your Children (Part 2) just to get you started. I might add, Proverbs and Parenting is a great little list that will benefit parents as well as children.

I know there were some other things I wanted to add on this list, but I can't recall what they were just now. This should keep you busy though :-)

As for me, I'm tickled pink to see a forecast of 75 & sunny today, then 75 and sunny tomorrow. YES, I will be out there enjoying this new season.

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