Sunday, March 9, 2008

Three Feet of Global Warming, anyone?

So, we got hammered. Now, when I say "hammered" I don't mean we got a bit of snow - I mean we got buried. Literally.

This will be the storm people remember, and the storm people talk about for years, and years and years to come. It'll be the storm of March 08, the night we turned the clocks ahead. It'll be the storm people remember when the updated storm watch told us:

"Ontario provincial police in the upper Ottawa Valley and Northumberland have resorted to snowmobiles for transportation. Travellers should be prepared to change their plans accordingly."
You know that when the provincial police have resorted to snowmobiles for transportation, it's a doozy! We knew when we started seeing words like "wallop" in the official storm warning, we were headed for serious snowfall. Nope, I'm not making this stuff up. Here are some pictures:

Saturday afternoon:


Cellar Door

I decided I'd go for a brief walk outside, to get some shots of the snow. The wind was blowing so hard that I didn't stay out there for very long. Here was Dougal, goofing off and having just a grand ole time, and our cellar door with the drifts already forming around it and in front of it. The plow came around 10 am, but by noon you'd never really know a plow had been here. Dougal is standing where the plow had already been.

Last night, we decided we'd go out and see about taking more pictures. When we opened the back door, this is what we saw:

it's invading the house!

The tiny crack between the screen door and back door was enough to let the snow in. We did go out but it was snowing so hard none of those pictures turned out.

I still don't know exactly how much we really got, but it was a lot. These were taken this morning:

this was after the plow had been here

This is the same spot Dougal was standing yesterday afternoon.

Once upon a time, I had a deck, and then it snowed, the end.

Yep, this was one serious amount of snowfall. I'm extremely sick this morning, and headed back to bed, hoping a day of sleep will help.