Saturday, March 29, 2008

Saturday Smattering

I have a few things I wanted to comment on, but none really worth their own post, so I just figured I'd stick them all together in one shot:


Recently our friend Dr. James White was in VA for a debate with Nadir Ahmed on the topic, "Can We Trust What the New Testament Says about Jesus and the Gospel?" Another friend and TeamApologian crew member James Swan blogged about it here. I know that for many people this sort of thing is quite fascinating and interesting (and it certainly is), but James Swan had something else to say that was pretty exciting for me, personally.

He told me at the debate, he noticed a fellow debate attendee, wearing one of these. I thought that was pretty cool. :-)

Speaking of cool, and the store, this week's newsletter is now up, and we've got some really nifty stuff in the works - several new sections coming soon (just in time for Mothers Day... and Fathers Day!) - so stay tuned!

Dutch Lessons

Our almost 18 year daughter is dating a nice Dutch boy. His family immigrated to Canada just a few years ago, and they are members of our church. We like the parents quite a bit (and the kids too). They have very serious and important conversations quite often, like the one they had this morning, about the cartoon show Bananas in Pajamas. Chatting on msn messenger this morning, she had this as her personal quote:

"Bananas...In pajamas...are walking down the stairs" ...ya cuz THATS something u wanna wake up to"
So he told her that he watched that show in Holland when he was a kid, and the song went this way:

bananen in pyjama's, ze komen naar benee...bananen in pyjama's altijd met z'n twee
This concludes our Dutch lesson for today. Go ahead and sing that outloud if you like.

Ironic Life

Just hours after I posted earlier this week about being content in whatever situation you find yourself in, God in His divine wisdom gave me an opportunity to prove to myself that I really meant what I said.

Yet another opportunity came up that sounded like a really fanastic thing, and I was deeply disappointed when I learned that it would be just another in a long line of opportunities that I have to take a raincheck on. I have so many rainchecks now, that we'd have to have another global flood for me to spend them all.

This has happened so much in the last few years, that I really should be used to it by now, and yet I still have that sense of deep disappointment when the thing I was hoping for or looking forward to, doesn't come to pass. It happened when my step-dad died three years ago and I was not able to fly home and be with my mom, even though I'd planned it, and a dear friend went out of her way to help me get a quick and inexpensive flight. It happened when a huge event I was planning (planning for nearly a year) completely imploded at the very last minute and the whole thing was called off. It's happened for big things, small things, and things that relate to the kids, or the family. It seems to be such a common pattern - I often feel like I should come to expect it, or at the very least expect the possibility of the disappointment and be prepared ahead of time, for that.

More than that, as I said in the previous post, I should be completely okay with it, knowing full well that all of these things are in God's hand, and what He knows and does, is best.

I will confess that I did indeed kick myself all day for feeling discouraged, disappointed, and for pouting (I pout really well, if it were an Olympic event, I'd have gold by now), and for failing my own convictions. Truly I did mean every word I said about contentment, and truly I see that this is still an area in which I have so much more learning to do.

That about wraps things up. I'm going shopping for pine board shelving for my son's room. Yay, Saturday in the lumber store - what could possibly be MORE exciting? (No, I'm not being sarcastic, I really do love the lumber store and the smell of sawdust).