Monday, March 10, 2008

Random Stuff for a Random Day


So here's what you do if you have the flu, and can actually sit up. Sitting up is good, unless you have a laptop and can lay down on your couch (in which case, sitting up is entirely optional). You already know you're going to miss church, so you might as well set yourself up with some good audio teaching. These are the ones I've listened to so far:

The Power of the Gospel
Heresy is Not a Victimless Crime!
God Bless America...With Repentance
The New Gods of Evangelicalism

They're all good, but I'd recommend this last one, first. There's lots more here.

I like this page especially, because a.) I'm a James White minion, and like it and b.) I have dial up, and these are 1. free and 2. streaming. I don't have to wait for a thousand years to download anything, and this is good for dialupper people like me.

De-grouching Instructions

buy one for yourself and one for your favorite grouch. If your favorite grouch doesn't wear it, you be sure to wear YOURS everytime you know you're going to see them. Eventually, they'll give in and wear theirs as well. Together, it just may be possible to de-grouch the world. (and it'll be a hoot, trying!)


Phone ringing: ring, ring
Me answering: hello?
Woman calling: hello, may I please speak to Carla?
Me: this is Carla
Woman: is this Carla Rolloff?
Me: (rolling my eyes) um... no
Woman: is this Carla R-o-l-f-e? (spells it)
Me: yes, may I ask who's calling?
Woman: could you just verify your address with me?
Me: who's calling please?
Woman: if you could just verify your address with me first, I can answer your question
Me: no, I'm not going to tell you my address, until you tell me who YOU are
Woman: thank you for your time, goodbye

Me, hanging up and muttering under my breath "how stupid is that? telling a complete stranger my address..."

Don't mess with me, I have the flu. Now where is my lol t-shirt?


(Update on Phone Lady: I dialed *69 and got her number. Turns out, the phone company has been applying my phone bill payments to the wrong account number, and my phone bill account was turned over to a collection agency! Un-be-lievable. So, "gimme your address" lady was from a collection agency who wants the money I've already sent to the phone company. Gack and PFFT on that mess.)