Sunday, March 2, 2008

Pictorial Winter Weekend

And now for something completely different...

Being encased in ice is a good thing, if you're a bunch of August blackberries in a freezer bag, being saved for a fresh blackberry pie in February.

Being encased in ice is a bad thing, if you're... me. The older I get, the more I dislike winter. The more I whine, the more I grumble, the more I'm miserable, and the more I become convicted that no matter how much misery I am in, I need to get over myself and look for the good. Somehow. It's not easy.

Enter: my camera.

Yesterday morning I had to go out and run errands. I assumed the roads were okay, and we all know what they say about assuming things. They say "don't do it". The main roads were fine but my driveway is from another dimension, when it snows. If the plow doesn't show up, no one's going anywhere until it does. Yesterday it didn't show up before I had to go out, so like a true Calvinist that believes in perseverance, I gunned it and ripped that van right through the snow to get out of the driveway and onto the dirt road. Kind of exciting really, it was like one of those 4 wheel drive truck commercials where they plow through mud or snow and it goes flying everywhere. It worked and I was on my way - with the thought "it wont be nearly as easy to get back in the driveway when I come home, if it hasn't been plowed by then". I should stop thinking, it always gets me into trouble.

Upon arriving home, I noticed that my driveway was actually missing. It had been snowing the whole time I was gone (and the plow had clearly not been here), so my tracks were gone, my driveway was gone, and the only way I knew roughly where to enter was by gauging where the mailbox & rural route number sign are. I thought "okay, it's after this tree and before those posts". Not the safest way in the world to drive in snow, but what else can you do?

Getting a running start, I flew into the driveway into the 2 feet of snow and made it about 10 feet before the clawing, evil, vortex of white doom sucked the tires of the van deep into it's clutches and the van came to a complete stop. "Yay" I merrily exclaimed with pure glee in my heart, and hit the dashboard with my fist and sat there like a 4 year old who just received the broken candy cane, and related that to the very end of the world. No going foreward, no going in reverse. Spin, spin, spin. Yay, yay, yay. Grumble, murmur, scowl.

Thankfully, Mr. Country Folk in a truck happened along and stopped. He happily (no really) grabbed a shovel out of the back of his truck and shovelled me out just enough to give me a push and send me off down the driveway to the house. Before I went sailing away down the driveway he commented jokingly "this has sure been some fun winter, hasn't it?" To which I replied, "no! but thank you so much for the help". Country folk are just good folk, no two ways about it.

So I get to the house, unload my groceries and once again declare how I am NEVER going to drive in snow again, no matter what happens, no matter if someone's in labor, if the world blows up, no way no how not for anything EVER will I EVER drive in snow again. Ever. I keep saying that, don't I? Snivel, whine, scowl.

So Kevin has to leave and take one of the girls somewhere (since I'm never driving in snow again, ever), but right before he's getting ready to leave, one of the barn workers comes driving down the dirt road headed for our driveway. "Uh oh" I thought, and uh oh it was, indeed.

The Driveway of Doom She makes a left, her truck spins like a child's toy and boom, she's done for. Stuck sideways at the entrance to the driveway. She wasn't going anywhere and neither was Kevin, until he pushed her out (which took a good 20 minutes or so, since she was buried a little deeper than I was earlier).

So, he bails her out and she backs her truck out onto the dirt road, and he gets a running start like I did earlier and he made it out just fine. He drives away, and she comes back toward the driveway making a right this time to plow through it. Spin, spin spin - BOOM - she's stuck again, this time facing the opposite direction, but once again sideways across the driveway entrance. Two tractors, several shovels, a snow plow and 30 minutes later, she was out of the driveway and it was finally plowed. Yay, winter. Scowl.

Icy Morn It finally stopped snowing yesterday, and this is what I woke up to this morning. A wave of conviction gently rolled over me as I stood in my bedroom and looked out my window. The sun's rays streaming through the ice covered trees and casting shadows in the snow was just a breathtaking sight to see.

You can't tell too much from this picture, but the temperature was just right outside for the snow on the ground and the ice on the trees to actually twinkle and reflect the sun's rays. It's a little hard to feel snarly and grumbly when you wake up to such a pretty scene.

Just as the good Lord sends those beautiful, warm sunny days, He also sends this. I need to remember that and try a bit harder to stop grumbling, scowling and throwing my own pity party whenever it snows. Even if the plow doesn't show up, and even if our driveway is from another dimension.

Ice Fuzz

You can click this if you like, to see the close up shot of the ice crystals covering the birch tree.