Friday, March 14, 2008

Just a little stuff

This is just going to be one of those miscellaneous posts. A regular mish-mash of stuff in mind, and stuff you might find worthwhile:


This past week I've spent some time going over some older designs and sprucing them up a bit. It's been fun and I think you might like the new and improved versions, as well as the brand new ones in the store. The weekly newsletter is now up at the site and you can see what I've been up to, there. Coming soon, I hope, will be a nifty little downloadable/printable catalog of ALL the designs in the store, so you can do a quick visual scan of what we have to offer. It's taking a bit longer than I originally planned to put the catalog together (I had no idea we had that much stuff in the store!) but I hope to have it up by this time next week.


My mom emailed me last night to tell me she did a google search on the word "watchbloggers" and guess who came up #1 in the search? Yep, this little old blog right here. For a more interesting read, do a search on the word watchblogger without the s, and you'll get a more comprehensive list of what folks really think of watchbloggers.


The rumor is, the first day of spring is just around the corner. I'm going to reserve judgement on that one until I can actually go outside without first having to locate my boots, my heavy winter coat, and using the remote starter on the van to start it and let warm up for 20 minutes before I go anywhere. I know that spring is coming though, because the local hardware store has their bird feeder display and gardening tools prominently displayed in the very front of the store. If that weren't enough, the Sears Catalog came yesterday and the lady on the cover has a bathing suit on and she's sporting a mid-summer sunkissed glow. Somehow, that didn't stop me from almost getting stuck in another snow bank yesterday.

This is the time of year Canadian Maples are tapped and the maple syrup making season begins. Within a few weeks there will be roadside stands here and there (usually manned by local Mennonite families) selling big ole yummy jugs of real live Canadian maple syrup, and other homemade goodies. Here's a fun site all about maple syrup.

Other than that, I think I'm tapped out (no pun intended) for miscellaneous stuff. We're all still sick, but thankfully the flu symptoms (body aches, headaches) only lasted for one day. Now we're all dealing with monumental head/chest congestion (sinus headaches for me, w00t! sinus pain), coughing, sneezing, sore throats and that sort of thing. They say (those mysterious "they" people) that these symptoms pass after 7-10 days. They're wrong, since Rachel was the first to come down with this, 12 days ago and she's just as plugged up/coughing as the rest of us. I suppose it'll be a while before we're all over it, but we're all thankful that it's no worse than it is. I clearly recall the time Rachel was 6 weeks old and we all came down with something like this and it landed her in the hospital for a week. That was one of the hardest things ever, to see my tiny baby girl in a hospital crib with tubes sticking out of her.

Anyhoo - there ya go. Have a great Friday.