Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Audio, Audio, Get Your Free Audio

Several things to bring to your attention, if you haven't already heard. (no pun intended)

Shepherds' Conference 2008
First up, and this is some pretty incredible news, is the Shepherd's Conference. This year (did they have it before? I don't know) you can listen in FREE, via live streaming audio. Now just exactly how cool is that!? I know I'll be listening as often as possible, beginning today at 1pm Eastern Time when Pastor John MacArthur (one of my favorite Bible teachers/preachers, ever) begins the conference.

You wont want to miss this, if at all possible. Just go here, sign up (its a 4 step process) and then click the live streaming banner when the conference begins at 10am pacific time. You'll be blessed, no question about it.

In other live/archived solid stuff for your edification...

James WhiteYes, yes he did. Mock me, that is. That's right, that mean old bald Calvinist James White, once again mocked my DaiLup Syndrome pain, on his live webcast yesterday. The man has no mercy whatsoever! Someday when I get highspeed access, he wont have anyone to mock anymore, and that'll teach him! (For those that don't know, I'm only kidding when I call him mean & old [although he IS older than me], he's a dear brother and friend and we love and appreciate him a great deal. You can hear yesterday's Dividing Line right here.

listen live, this theologian does!

Finally, don't miss part two of the five day radio debate hosted by Chris Arnzen on Iron Sharpens Iron: "The DOCTRINES of SOVEREIGN GRACE:Biblical Truths or Dangerous Fallacies"

Yesterdays show: TUESDAY, 3/4/08 - DR. LAWRENCE W. CARRINO (founding and Senior Pastor of Grace Gospel Church): Questions Dr. F. LaGard Smith (NO calls from listeners) MP3 Available Here

You can listen live, or catch the free downloadable mp3s at the ISI site.

Now, this isn't audio but I had to link it all the same.

" who are faithfully living out these responsibilities are not likely to be too concerned about finding true masculinity. They are living it. When this expectation is no longer normative, it should be no surprise that men struggle to define masculinity. The focus shifts from family to fashion accessories. Our language betrays our confusion, but the confusion reveals a larger betrayal. We lie to ourselves if we believe that we can hold onto a healthy masculinity without honoring true manhood. "

Masculinity without Manhood? explains SO much, and answers a few questions I've had over the years about some disturbing things I've noticed. Maybe it will answer some questions for you too.