Tuesday, February 5, 2008


You know, sometimes you just can't explain certain things. The harder you try, the less sense it makes, and you just end up confusing the person you're trying to explain things to. I'm going to do my best though, to explain this post...

If you're someone who has ever spent any amount of time in an online chat community, you'll get this. If you're not someone in that category, but have a really odd family member (everyone has one of these, don't go acting like you don't know what I'm talking about!) that just sort of spouts off random things (that often make no sense whatseover) that become legendary in your family, then you'll get it this too.

If you're in neither category, but wonder what in the world I'm talking about, then without further delay, I give you...

HT: Doc, in channel

OH, and this is important... do NOT eat or drink anything as you watch the above linked video. Innocent food or drink may become painful nasal projectiles, and no one enjoys that. Well, except maybe wonky?