Monday, February 4, 2008

Under the Knife?

Last week I read an article about a women who is going for the world record in cosmetic surgery procedures. According to the article, she really likes to be known for her "enhancements" shall we say, and says that she's always been a vain person and loves attention.

It made me think about the legit reasons to have cosmetic surgery performed, and the not-so-legit, and the motives behind such a decision. Of course I have my own opinions, but I wondered what you thought? Please take a second to cast your vote in the new poll, and leave your comment here, if you like.

UPDATED (results of the poll)

If cost were not a factor, would you consider having any type of cosmetic surgery?

On the fence 8% (3 votes)
In a heartbeat 8% (3 votes)
Nope, I am the way God made me 25% (9 votes)
Possibly 57% (20 votes)