Saturday, February 16, 2008

Scattered Plans

Saturdays are frustrating. Some folks say they're for slobbing around all day in your favorite jammy pants and comfy t-shirt. I'm all for that, but that might interfere with running errands and doing all those things that can't get done during the week, while you're in weekday/school-day/work-day mode. Some folks seem to think running errands in their jammy pants is socially acceptable, however. I have two words for those people: grow a brain cell, would you!? (Fine, it's more than two, but sometimes you just have to say it like it is.)

Our plan today was to head out on the highway and go look at some properties for a relative moving out here. Yeah, that would have been great, except the weather folks tossed up this big ole jump-up-and-slap-you-in-the-head yellow banner on the weather page that says "winter storm watch continued". Rumor has it, Texas is sending us a creepy ice storm. I don't know if it's icey in Texas, but whatever this system is down south, combined with the cold air we've got here in CanoodleLand, the warning is for massive amounts of freezing rain & ice pellets to begin first thing in the morning, and last ALL day. Yay, insta-rink. Yay NOT, missing church, again. We're really hoping this storm loses all it's steam before it gets here.

Because of the storm, Kev made the executive decision to spend today hauling in firewood from under the 900 feet of snow it's buried under. It's buried under all that snow because we just keep GETTING snowed on, before we had the time to bring the wood inside. It's crazy, I tell ya.

So, we're not going to look at properties and that left me with a variety of options on how to spend the day. After my morning coffee and some store related work, I have numerous choices.

• I could go run a couple of much needed errands while the sun is shining (and take my camera in case I see something cool that oughta be captured on a digital canvas).

• I could do some laundry and get our clothes ready for church tomorrow, assuming we're not encased in a foot of ice when we wake up in the morning.

• I could respond to a comment I read elsewhere this morning that said "I hate Christian t-shirts".

• I could continue with a research project I am working on.

• I could begin a writing project I was offered.

• I could take my coffee and favorite fleece blankey and go read The God Who Justifies in the living room.

• I could go to the kitchen and make the applesauce we're having for dinner tonight, or the chocolate chip cookies we're having for dessert.

• I could sit here and catch up on my blog reading.

• I could download audio programs I missed this week.

• I could play scrabulous with my mom and sister (and Kev, and Clyde, and Tamara).

• I could finish a blog post I started yesterday about how insanely pragmatic evangelicals have become, and how it's so common that most of us don't even bat an eye at it.

Yep, those are my options. Knowing myself well enough to know I can't have a list without actually doing everything on it, I'll probably do them all (or at least most of them), and many of them at the same time. Whatever I do, I better get started before Kev comes inside and sees me still sitting here in my jammy pants, doing nothing but typing. :-)

And people wonder why I look tired all the time. It's because of Saturdays!