Friday, February 15, 2008

Pyro Fridays?

No, not that Pyro... my cat, Pyro. Yes, his name is Pyro and no, the name choice had nothing to do with the bloggers.

Here's the thing..

Pyro keeps hearing all about this Toby Tuesdays business over at Jen's, and he's not all that happy about it. See, in PyroWorld, if Toby gets to have a whole DAY, he thinks it's about time he gets mentioned a little more around here.

So, today he decided he'd pull a few stunts and see if I'd get the camera out. Apparently he knows the right buttons to push, because that's what happened.

homeschool Pyro?

Poor Samuel, all he wanted to do was finish his grammar lesson. Pyro clearly had other plans.

The problem was, he couldn't show off how cute he really is with a grammar book in the picture, and on Samuel's too small desk, so he had to move over to Jordan's desk when she got up to sharpen her pencil:

goofy kitty

The only problem was, the crayons were in his way, so he had to use Rachel's desk, for his head rest.

If you click to view the original size of that first picture, you can almost make out that he was sticking his tongue out at poor Toby, as if to say "top that, bubba".