Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Last Days: Heartless

I honestly can't say what it was about the Amy Fisher/Joey Buttafuoco case in the news so many years ago, that intrigued me, and at the same time horrified me. Maybe it was because I was a young wife at the time and identified with Mary Jo Buttafuoco in a way. Maybe it was because I'd seen Amy Fisher's picture on the news and it was hard to wrap my brain around the idea that this cute little girl was capable of doing what she did. Maybe it was because in highschool, I knew a few "Amy Fisher" types that my friends and I used to comment about that they might be in the news some day. I wasn't a Christian in highschool, nor was I a Christian when Amy Fisher committed her crime and shot the wife of her boyfriend right at her own front door. The way I thought about the case at the time is much different than the way I think about it today.

The only reason I even did think about it today, was because Amy Fisher is in the news once again, this time just boasting of the fact that she doesn't feel the least bit sorry for the victim of her crime. She justifies this, according to the news report, by saying her victim made more money off the crime/notoriety than she did.

I know we're not supposed to be surprised when the unsaved speak like the unsaved, but sometimes the things they say or do, indeed register on my "oh wow" scale. Even as an unsaved person myself when the crime was big news, I recall having discussions with friends about the taboo nature of having a relationship with a married man. That was something that was just unthinkable for myself and my friends, but to take it to the level that Fisher did was simply beyond unthinkable. All these years later, for Fisher to have no sympathy for the woman she shot in the head, is still simply beyond unthinkable to me. My thinking process can't grasp the idea of not feeling sympathy for someone, let alone someone you yourself violently hurt.

I think this is what the Bible specifically means when it says that in the last days there will be dangerous times where it will be common for people to be "without natural affection". (2Tim.3:3) This same Greek word used in the KJV astorgos is also used to list a moral character trait among all the other ugly ones, to describe the folks God gives over to their reprobate minds in Romans 1:31. In the NASB, the word is simply translated to "unloving". I would have to conclude that unloving certainly covers a multitude of expressions (or non-expressions, as it were) of compassion, sympathy or concern.

Even knowing that the Bible tells us that there are people like this, and that in the last days (which are now) we will see it and experience it with an increasing frequency, it's still very hard to make my puny little brain go there. The only phrase I can even come up with to describe this is "the sinfulness of sin". Maybe the wickedness of wicked? The vileness of vile, or the utter heartlessness of heartless?

I can't understand a human being that has no care or concern for another human being. To me, someone like that just seems less than human, somehow.