Thursday, February 7, 2008

Do You Hear What I Hear?

If fairly confident that if the Lord willed me to live to be 500 years old, I would still learn something incredibly beneficial every time I heard a sermon on the spiritual armor of a believer. I would encourage you today to begin listening to John MacArthur's series on this subject, right here.

Every regular reader here already knows I listen to James White's Dividing Line twice weekly, but you would be blessed to check out the teaching here at PRBC as well. Sunday sermons, Sunday School lessons and other audio teachings - all great stuff! Last night I listened to Being Ambitous for Christ and I would definitely recommend that one for you too.

Another great daily resource is Chris Arnzen's Iron Sharpens Iron. Chris has some of the most interesting guests on his show, and welcomes your call in questions as well! Daily shows are archived and available for download as well.

I am so grateful that in a time when many ministries charge a fee for their online audio resources, these brothers GIVE AWAY what they have been blessed with, for no cost at all to the listener. My hat is off to them.

If you have a great FREE audio resource, please do leave a comment & link!