Saturday, February 23, 2008

Call Me

Well, this looks pretty nifty and I'm still trying to figure the whole thing out. I think I've got it, for the most part. Now all someone has to do is call me (click the CALL ME button in the top right sidebar), so I can see if it works! :-) So... first caller, you're up! Whoever calls first gets to go right here on the blog.


Caller #1 Wins! (thanks Lane!)

And our second caller wins a free "hey, this is fun!" (thanks mut!)

(And if YOU would like to call and leave me a voice message for the blog, please do, this is just a whole lot of fun, free, and a new way of leaving a comment!)

Here's the deal:

You can receive voice messages from your blog readers by placing a GrandCentral WebCall button directly on your blog. When people click the button, GrandCentral will call them and connect the call to your GrandCentral number. You can configure your settings to send your calls directly to your phone, or straight to voicemail. You can also post the voice messages you get directly on your blog.

To set up a GrandCentral WebCall button, first you'll need to create a free GrandCentral account.

Once you've signed up for GrandCentral, just follow these steps:

• Log in to GrandCentral and go to the Settings tab.

• Click the WebCall Button link. Click Select next to your favorite button.

• Click the Post link below your button.

• Copy the code provided, you'll need to add it to your blog's template later. Be sure to use one of the smaller buttons, as larger buttons might not fit in your blog's sidebar.

Sign in to Blogger and go to the Templates tab. Click Add a Page Element and select 'HTML/Javascript' as the type. Paste the code provided by GrandCentral and click Save Changes.Your WebCall button is now set up. You can customize specific settings, greetings, and different RingShares by logging in to your GrandCentral account.

Post voice messages to your blog using GrandCentral

With GrandCentral, you can post voice messages to your blog.
To post voice messages to your blog, first you'll need to sign up for GrandCentral (for free). Then, just follow these steps:

• Log in to GrandCentral and go to the Inbox tab.

• Click the message you'd like to post.

• In the voicemail player, click the Post tab.

• Copy the HTML code provided.

• Sign in to Blogger and edit the post where you'd like to add a voice message.

• Click the Edit HTML tab, and paste the code provided by GrandCentral.

Publish your post as usual. If you'd like to post messages you leave for yourself, you'll have to call your GrandCentral number from a phone that isn't associated with your GrandCentral account; otherwise, you'll be prompted with the GrandCentral main menu.