Wednesday, February 27, 2008

24 Hour Days?

evening and morning were how long?There's been a little bit of buzz here and there in Christian blogging community about Pastor Tim Keller admitting in his new book, that he doesn't believe in a literal 6 day (24 hour) creation. If you'd like to see what he says about it, take a look at this interview here.

I have always maintained that if you get it wrong from the foundation (creation) that things simply cannot be consistant throughout the rest of your theology. Some may disagree with me on that, but it stands to reason that if your foundation is faulty, the rest of the building can't be as grounded and anchored as it could be, if that foundation were sure.

Keller says in this interview:

"I do know that I say in the book, “This is an absolute red herring—to get mired in this before you look at the certainties of the faith. Because the fact is that real orthodox believers with a high view of Scripture are all over the map on this. I can line up ten really smart people in all those different buckets, which I’ll call “theistic evolution,” “young-Earth creationism,” and let’s call it “progressive creationism” or “semi-theistic evolution.” There are all these different views. And when you see a lot of smart people disagreeing on this stuff, well..."

What he means here, is that if there are 10 really smart people that disagree, then it's okay not to land squarely in one camp or the other and take a firm position on this subject. Afterall, if really smart people can't agree, then maybe not so smart people shouldn't be expected to understand it either, right?

Well... with all due respect to the much admired Tim Keller... wrong. There are plenty of smart people who deny all kinds of Biblical truths - that doesn't mean we should too. I believe the Scriptures are quite clear on the teaching of a literal, six, twenty-four hour days of creation, but this is really not my issue here.

To be completely honest, my real issue here is the free ride on absolute truth. This "well, smart men disagree" is a pass on digging for truth and knowing it for yourself. Another way to say this, would be to ask if smart men disagree, does that mean that Scripture is insufficient to answer the question of creation?

While I am not a theologian or a creation expert, I certainly do believe that Scripture sufficiently answers this question. I've always had a red flag shoot up for me personally, whenever someone tells me it's okay not to believe one way or another because people smarter than me can't even agree on the topic at hand. For some, that's an easy-out, an excuse not to bother with finding out the truth, an excuse to be lazy about it.

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