Friday, January 25, 2008

Store Stuff - New Stuff

Yes kids, its once again time for Store Stuff. I like t-shirts, and I like t-shirts with funny sayings on them. Once, when I was shopping, I saw a t-shirt that had a saying on it that made me laugh outloud, right there in the store. Laughing is a good thing (even if you do it when you're all alone, and in public, and people might think you're a major wacko).

What I do NOT like, is trying to find funny t-shirts and having to wade through the vulgar, obscene, or profane graphics or sayings. Yeah yeah, some folks find that junk funny, but I sure don't. Therefore...

Now THATS different!

If you like funny t-shirts too, and have no desire to wade through trashy sayings and vulgar images, come on by our Just 4 Fun section at Reflections. I try to keep the designs fresh, and add new things often, so be sure to sign up for the newsletter too.

Speaking of the newsletter, each week we send a newsletter with what's new in the store (and we never even see your email address - so no worries about us selling it or doing any of those nasty things people do with email lists), and post the current newsletter online as well, so folks can see what's up, before they sign up. You can get all the scoop in the newsletter on what's new this week, but I just HAVE to post this one here, because it was so much fun to work with:

Radio Free GenevaOriginally created by Micah, (one of the brilliantly creative & talented brothers who is a part of the Secret Webpage Guild [woopsies, guess its not a secret anymore!] that magically transformed the site from the slow, 90's style layout to the fantastically quick, snazzy and visually appealing new design), then donated to the TeamApologian store, I tweaked it only slightly, for a great fit on the TeamApologian gear. In other words, Micah rocks! :-)

Also new in store this week, is this fun design that dispells the myths about Calvinists, and this essential gift item for your favorite seminary student.

Happy shopping, and remember - shopping without leaving the house is the best kind - and all proceeds from the TeamApologian store go directly to the financial support of Alpha & Omega Ministries. So buy lots, and bless a faithful brother in a much needed apologetics ministry!