Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Snow Fun

Well we made it out, and back, all in one piece!

We've been planning this for weeks now, and the Lord was so good to bring a fresh snowfall last night and this morning to make it just perfect. The plan was to be out of here by 10 am this morning and hit the big hill in town, to go sledding for New Year's Day. We almost made it by 10, but we weren't sure we were actually going to make it out of here, since the plow hadn't come by yet. I think we got about 8-10 inches overnight, and our new (used) van doesn't handle nearly as well in the snow as the old one did. We did make it out though, and into town:

our road
The sign says stop, but that's asking to get stuck!

going up!
The kids trekking up the big hill.

crazy old man alert!

Kev, giggling all the way down!

We all had lots of fun, even though my bum hip prevented me from taking the plunge this time. I got to stand at the bottom of the hill and take pictures! The weather was perfect - a light snow and not too cold, and they all had a blast.

This was the best way to spend the last day of our official Christmas/New Year's vacation, and to start off the New Year!