Thursday, January 31, 2008

Meme: What About Me?

How ironic. It just occured to me a few days ago that blog memes seem to be falling by the wayside. I don't see nearly as many of them as I once did, and that's probably not a bad thing, overall, since most of them are pretty silly. Some of them are fun though, and give you a little more insight into the "who" of the blogger you're reading.

So then the irony was to learn last night that Brian at Voice of the Sheep tagged me for a Me Meme. I guess the deal is, you reveal 7 things about yourself that your readers do not know, and hope they still like you afterward (this is presuming they liked you before the meme). Hmm. I think I pretty much exhausted that list in my 100 mostly irrelevant things about me, in the sidebar over yonder, but I'll give this a go anyway:

1. I eat a small bowl of cheap, store-brand cheetos every night while I read. The puffy, cheese-flavored-styrofoam-packing-peanuts kind, not the crunchy kind. No, I never get the simulated cheese-like-powder on the pages. I'm a strategic cheeto-eater in that aspect. (I switched to cheetos last year from plain potato chips, since the tater chips were making me feel gacky at night. I've actually lost a few pounds eating the cheetos instead of chips, so you do the math).

2. From the time I was about 7 yrs old until well into adulthood, I wanted to be a CSI (long before they were called that). True Detective magazine and Quincy MD fueled it, to be sure. Then I got married and had 900 kids and did in fact become a CSI, of a different sort. I have a full caseload of ongoing investigations. I just don't get paid for it.

3. I think being barefoot, pregnant and in the kitchen is a beautiful thing. The kitchen is where the snacks are. Snacks while pregnant are a beautiful thing.

4. I have a savings account that for the last 14 years has carried a balance of 26 cents. We're obviously not saving for a rainy day.

5. I'm an information junkie. If something captures my interest I devour everything I can get my hands on to learn more about it. I'm also on dial up, so online research has often kept me awake until extremely creepy hours of the morning. (You know, that magical moment of dark:thirty where everything becomes funny and you laugh until your face hurts and you feel light-headed? Yes, I often stay up that late to research.)

6. I have very detail-rich dreams about all kinds of things, and people, just about every night. If you're a blogger or regular commenter (or a chatter), you've likely been in at least one of my dreams. In one of the funnier ones, I was transported to the local ER by the dear wife of a well known blogger, in her mini-van made of logs. Yes, you did read that correctly. The inside of the log-van looked like what you might imagine the interior of a rustic log cabin looking like. In another one, a respected Baptist pastor got his head stuck in a chain link fence, and the local Presbyterian pastor refused to help him. They were both working part-time managing a trailer park. You figure out the moral behind that one. I look forward to having dreams, they're often quite hilarious.

7. When I was about 14, I was approached by a talent/model-scout (or whatever they're called) and offered a modelling contract for a local, Seattle-area modelling agency. My mom checked into it and while it was legit, she said NO. I was upset at the time, but about a year later another girl in my school was offered the same contract and her parents approved. In no time she went from a lovely, sweet girl to an arrogant fashion-slave. I'm glad my mom said no.

So you're probably reading this and thinking "I so hope she didn't tag me for this". I'm going to tag Ann Coulter, Albert Mohler, and Sean Hannity. Since I KNOW they all read my blog and will see their names here, I can expect them to blog on this right away!

*snort (and if they do, I'd likely faint, but it'd be fun to see - before I fainted)