Tuesday, January 8, 2008

If it's January, there should be snow!

In keeping with Rebecca's fun weather theme for January...

A friend sent a link today to some really cool pictures of the snow capped mountains around LA, and they're just incredible! You can see them here.

When I looked at those pictures, it reminded me of a time years ago (1992) when we lived in Palm Springs. Growing up in WA state, we're quite accustomed to rain and cloud for most of the winter. That first year in the desert, especially during winter time, was a bit hard to get used to. While the temps do get down to the freezing level on the desert floor, the days (at least in 92) were warm and sunny and there's just so much 'warm and sunny' one person can take, before they sense a need for cold and cloudy. All things in moderation, right?

So, we formulated a plan to flee from such horrid weather conditions, and go find some snow. It was January, there's supposed to be snow somewhere, and we'd had about enough of that sun-business. So we drove from our place up the side of the mountain (literally) and voila, snow! Sure our ears popped all the way up, and yes indeed it was wild to come from "shorts and short sleeves" to "brr, where are my gloves!" in less than 45 minutes, but there we were in Idyllwild. (If you're anywhere near here, I highly recommend you go!)

snowboarding... sorta? It looked cold anyway, but it really wasn't. It was the strangest thing to see snow everywhere, to see all the trees sparkling with ice but it was so mild that wearing a coat made you too warm. Yes, that was strange, but at least there was snow! Here I am in the picture doing the Chickenboard down the first hill (I think they called that the girly-hill). I'd never been on a snowboard before so this method looked less dangerous to me - after already having watched one person wipe out. I wasn't about to do what he did, so this way made more sense (less room between me and the face plant in the snow). It did give me an excuse to wear a sweater I'd never worn before (you don't have much use for those in the desert) so I was good with that.

It's funny that I remember that day so well, and yet it occured to me that it was 16 years ago this month when we did this. I've moved far away from Palm Springs since then, and the only way you'd wear shorts in January here is if your thermostat is broken at 92. It sure was a lot of fun though, and looking through the pictures today brought a smile to my face, remembering how we all had a blast that day.