Friday, January 11, 2008

Friday BlogFodder: January 11, 2008

I haven't done this in a while, but considering it's Friday and there are numerous good things to comment on, lets get started:

stuff that will make you say hey! there's some good stuffDr. Albert Mohler says "Theology Matters . . . It Always Matters". Indeed, we said it too! I wonder if he'd wear the t-shirt?

Pastor John MacArthur has a great series this week that every Christian should listen to, called An Uncompromising Life. Click here to catch the whole series.

While Dr. James White had to postpone the BIG, Big Announcement (his 'big' debate this year, coupled with no doubt the annual conference/cruise info) he did have a big announcement regarding where the Lord is leading him in the avenue of having a lasting legacy for future generations of believers. Our hat is off to him and we support Alpha and Omega Ministries. You should too. While you're over there, watch his video blog clip - to get a better idea of what drives this good brother.

Phil Johnson it would seem, has agreed with the thrust of this post, by answering some of the concerns I raised there, in his post here today. While I have no reason to assume he actually read my post [as if he's so swamped with leisure time, and so short on good stuff to say he routinely surfs through girly blogs looking for things to discuss at TP?] (or the questions/concerns raised in the comments) I was greatly encouraged to read his post today. I don't wear a hat but if I did it would be off to Phil today.

We have a fun, new ad at the store. Thanks to all the great folks who sent me a picture. If you shop there too (or would just like to participate in the fun), we'd love to put you on the wall! Send me your picture and we'll drop you in also.

That's about all I have for really really good stuff for this week. This is not to say there haven't been other good things going on this week, but it is to say that these were the things that impacted me the most.

One a completely unrelated note, and in keeping in line with the fact that this is a girl-blog, I wanted to make mention that today is #5 daughter Rachel's birthday today. Nine years ago this very day, this is (no, I am not making this up) this was the time frame of events that defined her arrival:

9:00am: the older kids were off to school and it was just Kev, myself and Jordan at home. He'd just come off the midnight shift and before his sleep that day agreed to take us grocery shopping/errand running. I was consequently 9+ months along and didn't go out alone.

11:00am: arrived home after various errands in -25 (thats minus) degree icy January weather. Put Jordan down for her nap and we both layed down to rest as well.

11:26am: water broke. Whoa, 26 minute power nap!

12:00pm: dropped Jordan off at a friend's and headed to the ER

12:26pm: Caryn (daughter #1) arrives from the highschool after a call from Kev saying "if you still want to be there, get to the ER NOW, mom's ready". Checked in at labor and delivery, in monumental pain and only a slight recollection of still being human. Hard labor turned into Insane Labor. Those legendary out of body experiences would have come in handy at this point. I would have gone to Wendy's for a Big Bacon Classic and had someone call me when it was over.

12:35pm: brief conversation with labor nurse: Me: I MUST have an epidural or I'll die, I just know it! (I never exagerrate). Labor nurse, patting me on the leg like a captain of war sending the doomed in a lost cause: honey, there's no time for that, this baby is coming right now. Me: cried then started to quietly pray. That I didn't die from the pain.

12:56pm: Rachel arrives, I nearly pass out from relief, Kevin cries, Caryn smiles so wide it brightens up the whole room - then Kevin prays. I'm in complete denial that whole thing lasted only 90 minutes, from start to finish. Our God IS in fact, most merciful.

8:30pm: Kevin arrives back at the hospital after tending to dinner at home with the girls, and I take my beautiful brand new baby muffin head, and go home. Options were a.) stay overnight and pay $1,000 more (no insurance, and the bill was already over a grand for the prior 8 hours!) or b.) if both mother and baby healthy, go home and not pay $1,000 more. Call me frugal, but the rates at home are much lower, therefore I chose B.

9:00pm: settled in at home, Kevin finally gets to bed after being up all night the night before and all day too. All the kids are sleeping, including the brand new shiney wee one, and I ordered pizza, and went online.

I'm all about expediency. It was a miserable day, and a beautiful day, all in one. Tomorrow we have her party, and last night she did a funky little rap-style "tomorrow I turn nine" dance in the living room. I remember turning nine too, but I don't think I did a funky dance.

Have a great weekend!