Monday, February 11, 2008


Originally posted 1/31/08 - UPDATED 2/11/08

While reading The God Who Justifies last night, I came across this:

" Justification by faith is commensurate with grace and only with grace. There is a fundamental contradiction between faith and works, and between grace and law. Only the empty hand of faith fits in God's powerful hand of grace. Like a key that only fits in a particular lock, so faith is the sole key that matches the lock of grace." - James White, The God Who Justifies

I read that, then stopped and read it again, and then one more time. Beautiful was the only word I could think of to express how well that was stated. Kevin came in the room a few minutes later and asked how I liked this book so far, and I had to go back to that page and read it outloud to him (even though he's already read the book). While neither of us have read all James White's books, between the two of us we've read quite a few, and we both agree this is the best of what we've read so far. If you haven't read it, do get a copy. You will be blessed.


If this doesn't load properly for you, you can access this youtube video here.