Wednesday, January 23, 2008

And now, for your updated local forecast...

Just a couple of updates:

1.) I didn't think I was hurt in yesterday's Highway Ice Capades, but later yesterday afternoon I was very sore, all over. I'm still sore today, but I suppose it'll go away soon. I guess that's what happens when you tense up in such situations.

2.) Yes, Canadians actually do know how to drive in snow (as compared to say, people who live in Arizona), but yesterday was just so intense, so quickly, not many people had a lot of success on the roads. In the exact same place I went off the road yesterday, at least 3 more cars did too. Not only that, local news reports say there were 500 accidents in our area in just 12 hours. Another local news source reports some eyewitness accounts of what it was like out there in the worst part of it. I was in that weather yesterday, and I can sure believe it. I'm just so incredibly thankful I wasn't in one of the massive pile ups that happened.

Thank you all for the nice comments and emails yesterday.