Friday, December 21, 2007

A Yearly Some of this, and a little of the other

You would think, that if you burn yourself in the same spot, on the same hand, on the same part of the inside of the furnace every year, that you'd build up enough scar tissue there so that every year it wouldn't hurt so much. This is in fact not the case. I know from personal experience.

Well then, since the rest of this post is going to be all over the place, I thought I'd start it off with something abstract.

Every year we see news items for such all import things like "hottest celebrity meltdown" and "ugly dresses of the year", so I thought I'd do something similar. Only for me, it's more of a "where did the Lord teach me something this year" type of list.

In January I wrote about sarcastic Christians, and because I am one, it's one of those things that continues to hold my attention. I also wrote about leaving a lasting and important legacy, because that's another one of those things quite dear to my heart. I blogged about the now infamous Chan video and shared some thoughts about my friend Michael's homegoing. I sure miss him, but I'm so glad I know where he is.

February I spilled the beans on what's it's really like to be a mom. I also posted on why Kev is the bestest husband, checking the directory for doctrinal error, and how I celebrated my 1,500th blog post with a near death experience, and a household appliance. Oh, and the most important question I asked all year, went completely ignored by the only ones who can answer it.

In March we had some delicious humble pie, I gave proof as to why I am not Canadian, went a little charismatic, had a most hideous guest blogger, walked a bit with Enoch in the hall of faith, expressed a few thoughts from under the bus, went on an updated mission, commented on blogging commenters then commented again with highlighted comments.

In April I moved from the old blog, to this one. Nobody even threw me a housewarming party which might explain why I got all emotional. I vented a bit on modern culture and the family, thought about being a Martha, an apologist, becoming MORE balanced, ranted a bit on inconsiderate blabbermouths that use sleeze-bag language, and reposted an older post about the blood of our precious Lord and what it actually did, for His people.

The thing is, I was actually going to do the whole year of summaries like this, but I think I'll just stop there. Maybe I'll add more later after I get some more Christmas baking done.