Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Toys for Big Kids

When I was a little girl, my gpa had this really neat telescope in his living room, aimed right out the big bay window. My gpa was very practical and us kids were never, under any circumstances allowed to touch the telescope. We could look through the eyepiece, and adjust the view of course, but beyond that it was just one of those things us kids weren't to fool around with (and to the best of my memory, none of us ever did).

I remember how powerful it was and I've often wondered if it was experiencing that, that lead me to enjoy watching the stars so much. I also remember as a little kid, wishing you could hook up a really good camera to your telescope and take pictures of what you were seeing (only to learn later in life that this is exactly how the professionals do it).

maybe I can even see YOU, if you wave at me!Well, imagine my surprise yesterday morning when Kev and I opened this gift from his mom. One of the first things we both noticed was that it has a universal digital camera attachment. We both went "whoa!" at the same time, I think.

We sat in the livingroom last night and put it together (in between fits of laughter over outrageously silly comments made - who knew telescope construction could be so fun?) and hope to find out very soon just how good this machine is. I did read a few reviews from other customers and they seemed like uber-telescope professionals that expected WAY too much out of the product.

I'm just looking forward to the next clear night, when it's not TOO cold outside! Yay, I feel like a little kid again, but this time I actually get to touch the telescope.