Monday, December 24, 2007

Thank You, Dear Ones

So here I am on Christmas eve morning, preparing myself for what is quite likely the busiest day of the whole year for me, and I couldn't sleep last night. I'm not sure what the primary culprit was, it's a toss up between the howling wind outside, and the nightmare riddled bouts of tossing and turning. Maybe the howling wind was the cause of the bad dreams? In any event, I begin my uber-busy day on less than 5 hours sleep. I can only hope to catch a break sometime before the turkey is done.

Since I'm up, and had no intentions of starting my food prep until 7 anyway, I wanted to take some time to say a few things that have really been top thoughts lately.

Really, it's just one thought with various facets, and that thought is:


In anyone's life there are always that core group of folks that bless them in one way or another. Maybe it's their preaching, or their writing. Maybe it's someone gifted with extreme compassion and wisdom, or someone gifted in song. It might be someone with such a sharp sense of humor that you smile even before they say anything, because you know whatever it will be when they do say it, will be funny. It could be someone gifted in hospitality, or teaching. Maybe it's your dearest friend who is so much like you that sometimes it's almost spooky (right down to owning the exact same shirt, one you've never seen anyone else wear, and one you bought at least 10 years ago, thousands of miles away).

It could be any variety of the above things, or it may be all of the above. In any case, these are people in your life on a regular basis that you appreciate a great and not just for what they do for you, but simply because of who they are, what they do and that it also blesses you too.

Like everyone else, I have that core group of people in my life that I described above, and they are in fact all of the above. These are people in my church, people I've met online, people I've known offline for years, and some family members as well. Nope, I'm not going to name any of them because I know that would only make them feel awkward that I did so. These are people that don't seek the limelight for the sake of being in it, but in my book, these are people that should be in it for the sake of the kind of people they are. They're amazing examples and great encouragement to me, personally.

Whenever you read the daily news you're bound to see headlines screaming at you about the latest promiscuous romp of the hot "pop-tart" of the week, some sick and twisted thing a mother or father did to their child, a lying politician, a weather related disaster, or yet another missing child, or young woman.

Well I'll tell you what. If I ran a news media outfit, I'd never have any of that kind of junk on it. I'd feature great stories of inspired courage, selfless acts of giving, hilariously funny people, awesome preaching and teaching, and news items of such compassion and sound wisdom that it would make the readers sit back and just say "wow!" These are the kind of people that I'd like to see get the attention and be the examples set before a watching nation. Of course I know that's completely unrealistic, but I'm a big dreamer and this is my blog so I can dream it if I want to.

All that to say (for those on my list who do read my blog), thank you for doing what you do. You know who you are, you know how much I appreciate you, and if I ever get a chance to run the news media, you better believe I'm sending a camera crew to interview you (and you can't hide because I know where you all live, so there)!

I wish you all a very Merry and Blessed Christmas.