Friday, December 28, 2007

Scattered Patterns

I had in mind to post about the book I started last night (and I still plan to do that, maybe later) but then I read Kim's blog first this morning. If you're a parent of children of any age, you should go read it too.

Being a parent is by far the hardest thing I've ever done (am doing), and the most rewarding all the same time. Being a parent to a group of people that range from babies in diapers to young adults (all at the same time, mind you), is also the hardest thing I've ever done, because it requires a completely different approach with each one. I don't have any in diapers anymore, but we're not that far out of that phase since our youngest is 4 and oldest is 25 next month. I know and do not say this lightly, that is is purely by the grace of God that I do not crumble from sheer emotional exhaustion in running my house and being a mom. At the same time that this is a demanding, exhausting, draining thing that is expected of me, I take a great deal of joy at listening to their conversations (sometimes they're just hilarious), hearing about their own personal successes, and answering their serious questions about things that matter.

I've had a lot of people ask me over the years "how do you do it!?" The truth is, it's not me doing anything, except depending on God's direction, wisdom, guidance, mercy and grace, to get through the difficult times and the trying times of various ages and phases of raising kids (and to be perfectly honest, there are times when I miss the boat on this). It is my daily prayer that I be a vessel of grace for their sakes, and a good and Godly example to them.

Right now we're on Christmas break so the routine around here is somewhat non-routine. It's already starting to get on my nerves after two weeks of vacation that things aren't getting done in a scheduled, timely manner. So much so that on Christmas eve when everything was settled down and all the kids were asleep, Kev and I stood in the kitchen and folded laundry. Who does laundry on Christmas eve? We do, if we want the household to run smoothly.

One more weekend of seasonal celebrations, then we start back to school on Wednesday. I'm very much looking forward to being back on a normal routine, a normal pattern of getting things done. I don't do well when I'm scattered.