Saturday, December 29, 2007


As much as I really did want to avoid a sort of "end of the year post" here, it's nearly impossible since that's the sort of thing on my mind.

For most people, the end if December brings them around to this kind of thinking about newness and fresh starts and the like. I actually have three seasons in a year's time that I feel this way, and that's January, June and September. January of course being the new year, June being the time formal schooling is over and summer projects and fun begins, and September we get back to the books for a new year of new adventures in learning.

At this time of the year though, I look back and see where I was last year at this time, what I accomplished that I wanted to over the year, where I veered off track and where I want to go in the new year. In other words, I do pretty much the same thing everyone else does as the new year approaches. So with that in mind, here are some of the things that I really want to see to completion in the new year (in no particular order)

• Make time to read more
• Lose 10 pounds
• Launch a new project I've had in mind for a while (no hints until it's done, assuming it will be done)
• Finish 3 books I've started writing and have them all done by the end of August (that's a monumentally huge dream)
• Become completely debt free (almost there, one more year should do it!)
• Sew more (the quilt I started from my gma's material, and more outfits for the girls, and me too)
• Be online less (I've already started that one)
• Get every outdoors project on my list done
• Remember God's grace more
• Complain much less

I could make that list lots longer, but those are the material things I want to see myself start, and finish. I'm not a horribly well-disciplined person so I thought maybe posting my list publicly like this might help keep me at least a little more accountable, in case someone comes along and says "hey, how's that quilt coming along, fatty?"

Okay I don't think anyone's really going to say that, but you get the idea.