Sunday, December 30, 2007

The Reason for Chasing Cars

It happens every year at Christmas, with a big family like ours. You really try to pay attention to the neat things the kids are opening but sooner or later you miss something and don't even realize it until days later. Its not nearly as hectic now as it was when the kids were all smaller and needed adult supervision, but its still pretty crazy at our place Christmas morning with all of us. This year it was only 11 of us, but that's two less than it usually is with some family that has moved away.

This year Kevin's mom bought a gift for Jessica I knew she'd really love, but I never got to see her open it or see her reaction because I'm sure I was far too busy adoring my angelically cute grand-daughter in her pink fairy nightgown. In any case, the gift...

Essentially it's a karaoke type game for the PS2. Its not really a game per se, although you can hold competitions with other singers for higher points and that sort of thing. More than anything it's just plain fun. The video of the song is on the screen along with the words and even the notes, and you sing along. With each line you get a little bubble type notice that pops up that tells you if you did awful, fair, good, cool, etc., for that particular line. When the song is over it gives you your score and tells you if you're all the way at the bottom of the charts (tone deaf) or at the top (superstar) or somewhere in the middle. You can also play it back to hear yourself sing along with the song. The cartridge comes pre-loaded with something like 20-30 songs, and since it's a popular, contemporary 'game', there were only about 5 songs on it that Kev or I knew, but Jessica knows them all. She's 17, I think it's an unwritten code that at 17 you must know these things.

So anyway, she took it upstairs and hooked it up and started to play around with it. I didn't know how much fun it really was until she brought it to the game room the other night and we all took a stab at it. As it turns out, I'm a superstar on the song The Reason by Hoobestank (that's not really a real name, is it? I'm fairly sure I used to call messy diapers something like that, years ago) and Kev's a superstar on a song called Chasing Cars by Snow Patrol. Until this week, I'd never heard of either group, although I had heard The Reason about a year ago and really liked the song. Now I also like the song Chasing Cars and hope to eventually knock Kev out of the top scoring spot for that song, if Jessica ever lets me play with her new toy again.

The thing is, I'm one of those people I used to make fun of when I was young and obnoxious. I'm rather out of touch with contemporary secular music, and I honestly don't care. It doesn't enrich my existance in any way to know the names of bands, or songs, or who's touring where and/or how much the tickets are (and let me tell you, the ticket prices today blow me away compared to what they were when I was 17!). There was a time in my unsaved life when I knew all that information, but that was then and this is now. Priorities have changed and what's important now is what I didn't realize should have been important then.

As we were goofing around with this game however, Kev and I agreed that it would exceptionally cool to have something like this with Christian songs on it. (We even looked for one online, but found nothing of course). Not the sappy type of "Jesus is my Boyfriend songs", but the great classic hymns and some of the incredible modern Christian contemporary music out there. Of course they'd have to redesign the "scoring" system since no one really cares (and if you do, shame on you) if they're a "superstar" or not while singing along, the fun part is the singing & enjoying it. I know I know, it's a silly idea and the market is too small for anyone with the know-how to actually come up with something like that, but it would still be pretty cool.

Until then, I'll just have to keep practicing Chasing Cars until I knock Kev into the #2 spot. Who would have ever guessed I'd be doing such a thing? At least the lyrics of these two songs I've mentioned are decent enough to sing along to.