Monday, December 3, 2007

Monday Memory Verse

I've fallen behind with updating the Monday Memory Verse here at the blog, so I wanted to take a minute to remedy that today. This week's verse is Matthew 5:16, and it's a wonderful encouragment for us all to let our lives be a testimony of our faith. A dear friend reminded me this past weekend that especially as it pertains to raising children, we need to be living examples of God's grace and longsuffering - as much as we need to give verbal instruction. In other words, those around us need to see faith in action, not just hear about it.

Some tips to help you memorize Scripture verses:

• Write the verse down and keep it with you during the week (at your desk at home or at work, in your purse or wallet, etc.).
• Each morning take it out and repeat it - then close your eyes and repeat it again. Think about what the verse means and how it applies in your life (Christian walk, church life, family life, various relationships, etc.)
• Each night, do the same thing again. If you can, make it a family project so that several of you are all working on the same verse at the same time. This helps quite a bit. (Our youngest 5 kids have memorized Scripture this way long before they were ever able to read or write).

By the end of the week you will most likely have the verse memorized, but if not do the same thing with the same verse for another week or until you have it hidden in your heart. It's not only the repetition but the daily meditation that will help you remember the verse.