Thursday, December 13, 2007

It's Christmastime... in the country

As of yesterday, we're officially on Christmas break from school. Contrary to what some folks might think homeschooling is like, we all actually look forward to this first break of the school year since homeschooling is rather demanding on our time, our attention and our energy. It's been a good year so far with the younger ones (Jessica's lessons are just more of the same, more or less - while the younger kids are making new discoveries all the time - I love teaching the younger grade levels, it's like being on a Brain Safari!), they're learning a lot and I see a lot of progress with all of them. This is Ruth's first year of real "book learning" and she's doing amazingly well. She can write her name now (although she struggles with the "u") and her "reading" is coming along quite well for a 4 year old with the attention span of a shoestring.

All that to say... SCHOOL'S OUT! (at least for now)

We had a Christmas party today and it went really well. We turned on the Christmas music on the stereo, whipped out the hot cocoa & festively colored-sprinkled cupcakes as the snow began to softly fall and then we got out the craft supplies to have a little fun.

Christmas plaques

Here is the almost finished product of craft time today. From top left to right these are the work of Samuel, Jordan, Rachel and Ruth. With the help of mom with the hot glue gun for the borders, and a few extras here and there. They're still drying (we believe in serious glitter glue around these parts!) and I hope to be able to hang them tomorrow. I'm very proud of their work, I think they did a super-fantastic job with these.

Tomorrow we go get our tree, then Saturday we decorate it. It finally feels like the Christmas season is here. Yay!

I meant to post this a few days ago and never got around to it but here is my kitchen porch:

Stairs? What stairs??

The first one to find the stairs, wins. It's a good thing we don't actually use that porch for regular coming and going, because the snow drifts constantly cover the stairs and the walkway.