Wednesday, December 5, 2007

I Amuse Me

A funny thing happened to me at the grocery store last night. Now, for those who know me well, even being in the grocery store to begin with, doesn't fall anywhere near the "funny" category. To say that I dislike grocery shopping is quite likely the understatement of the year. So... that a funny thing happened while I was there, is a nice thing.

ZZZHHHOOOOOM!I had picked up a box of parchment paper (for those that don't know, it's packaged the same way as foil or plastic wrap) and didn't notice that the end of the box was not glued properly. As I was holding the box I quickly turned at the same time (I make a lot of quick turns in the store, the quicker you move the faster you can get out of there!), and the roll of parchment paper on the inside, came flying out the unglued end of the box. It would have been okay if the whole roll came out but that's not what it did. It came out in a spiral and while the cardboard tube stayed inside the box, the paper/spiral itself flew down the aisle about 10-15 feet like some sort of magic light saber or something. Had I thought of it, I could have made that cool "zhhoom - zzzhhoom" sound that a light saber makes, and struck the Jedi knight pose (not that I would ever do that in public, but someone much more clever than me certainly could have) right there in the middle of the store. You could almost hear a faint, deep voice in the background saying "use the force, Carla!" (Had Kevin been there, he WOULD have said it).

I was just SO glad there was not one person in the same aisle as me. I started to laugh and quickly pushed the paper spiral back into the box, put it on the bottom shelf (where no one else would pick it up) and grabbed a new box of parchment paper. I tried to walk away without laughing, because I was all alone and people walking through the grocery store, alone, laughing, are rather disturbing. I didn't want anyone to think me a flaming lunatic, so I got hold of myself and waited to laugh until I was in my van, driving away.

Who knew buying a roll of parchment paper could be so side-splitting?
I wish every trip to the local grocer was that much fun.