Thursday, December 20, 2007

Heathen Singing Praise

As Christians we have an almost endless list of reasons to be thankful, and grateful every day of the year. I know for myself at the close of each day in prayer I make a sort of mental assessment of the landscape of the day from morning until all the kids went to bed and thank the Lord for so many things, including His mercy for that day, provision, and all kinds of other things.

One of the biggest and most profound differences in a Christian worldview (as it pertains to our daily survival and provision), from the worldview of the unsaved, is that Christians know who holds every breath, every beat of our hearts, and who provides everything we need to get us through each day. The worldview of the unsaved can vary from numerous sources such as "fate" or destiny, evolution, chance or simply arrogant self-reliance. While Christians know the source and get to experience the wonderful process of being grateful and giving thanks, the unsaved chalk it all up to whatever fits their worldview at the time and never give thanks to God for keeping them safe, providing for their families or anything of the sort. They live in rejection of Him so they deny Him the credit that He's due.

What made me think of all that today was secular radio. More specifically, secular radio at Christmastime. While Christians already live their daily lives with an attitude of praise, there's something pretty incredible about Christmastime and secular radio. At no other time of the year can you flip through pop, classic, country or rock stations and on all of them, hear popular artists singing of the dawn of redeeming grace, the glorious birth of our Lord, and the honor and glory that is due Him. While I have no reason to believe most of them actually mean the words they're singing, I know that it blesses me a great deal to even hear the heathen give praise to my Lord, in song. While to most of these artists these are just "Christmas songs" that went on their Christmas album to make a buck or two, to Christians these are timeless and classic songs of wonderful praise to God for sending us His son. Even when their words carry no heart behind them, the words themelves reflect my heart, and it's a joy to hear them on practically every station on the radio.

Who knows, maybe the Lord will be pleased to someday convict their hearts by the words they sing, and bring them to the foot of the cross as a result. That would be even more cause to celebrate.